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Every author needs a proofreader. You may not think that you do, but even the pickiest pedant can find it difficult to spot their own mistakes. I will read through your final manuscript after you have added in your edits and ensure no unexpected errors have also been added. In this way it will be perfect before you send it to print.

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I have received some lovely testimonials for my proofreading services. Here is a selection:

I’ve known Sue as a meticulous and dedicated beta-reader and reviewer of my books so I had no hesitation in using her proofreading services. She did a fabulous job – picking up all sorts of hitherto unseen errors – and also gave me sensible advice and suggestions for improving the text. She’s got a laser eye for detail, and with a British sensibility and a US background, she’s in a great position to prevent any misleading parochial errors, which is good news if you’re publishing for an international audience. Highly recommended – I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again

Jules Brown, Travel Writer

I didn’t think I needed a proofreader, but Sue Bavey proved me wrong!

I’m glad she quickly stepped in because she found several mistakes when I thought there were none. And I am a perfectionist, so that’s saying a lot. I’m a stickler for typos and point them out to my husband when I find one in the many books I read in my spare time. I’ve learned that every book needs a proofreader because mistakes slip through, no matter how careful we are. We are too close to our story and read what should be there instead of what is there.

Having written books herself, Sue is very knowledgeable, competent, and, most importantly, friendly. She efficiently explained the mistakes I questioned so I don’t make them again. I will definitely use her in the future because she’s invested in my work and wants it to shine.

Tammy Horvath, Author

Sue’s keen eye for detail uncovered typos and other details in my books that had been missed by multiple editors. She has a mind like a steel trap and I would trust her with my books without hesitation.

Dan Fitzgerald, Author

Sue proofreads with a close editorial lens. She caught important errors and made corrections that strengthened my writing.

Jonathan Nevair, Author

Sue Bavey is a marvellous editor. She’s prompt, efficient, and has an eye for detail. Her knowledge of proper grammar, sentence structure, formatting, and more means that, as an author, you can rest easy that your precious work is in great hands with Sue. Without reservation I highly recommend her outstanding editing services

P. L. Stuart, Author

I’ve been lucky again, as I’ve found a proofreader who seems to tune in to my style of writing. It means I’m getting more than just proofreading. It’s almost a mini-edit. It’s been important to build a team around me that is more about improving the books than the cost. Sue has been amazingly friendly and the support she gives means I can crack on with writing in the knowledge she’ll come back with an expertly proofread document. I still use some great software to start with, but can’t beat the human touch to perfect the writing. It’s a great gift to have someone on my side who understands writing to help me. She’s certainly top of my list when I need a proofreader.

Maximilian Sam, Award-winning Author

Sue Bavey beta read the manuscript for my latest comic travel memoir.
As a highly experienced author, proofreader, editor, and book reviewer, Sue provided invaluable feedback not only on the manuscript, but on every aspect of the book, including the cover, title, subtitle, and blurb.
I was delighted with her appraisal and critique, which was delivered objectively, but with kindness, and undoubtedly made To Hel In A Houndcart a better book.

Jacqueline Lambert, Award-winning Author worldwidewalkies

Sue’s keen editorial eye is like a rogue’s dagger: quick, sharp, and right on the mark every time. As a Canadian writer, I often need to redraft my manuscripts when editors and publishers request a change from British to American English or vice versa; Sue is well versed in both and always provides feedback that is supportive, honest, and punctual.

Joshua Gillingham, Author and Game Designer

Sue Bavey is both reliable and prompt, providing a thorough proofread with a quick turnaround.  Not only did she pick up a tangle of tenses, she also has a sensitive eye. As a writer herself, she recognises when an unconventional use of language might be intentional, but will still bring it to your attention to check whether this was accidental or chosen to serve a purpose.  She also has experience in both British and American English, which is useful when writing for different markets.

Sally Jane Smith, Author