About Me

In November 2020 I decided to start a book blog. Somewhere to keep book reviews all together. And a place for anything else that grabs my attention.

Who am I? I’m Sue an English Mum of two, living in Massachusetts since 2003 with my husband, kids, a cat named Midnight, a bunny named Nutmeg, a leopard gecko named Ziggy Stardust, and occasional frogs and salamanders.

I love alternative music with a passion, British alternative comedy and unusual art.

During Covid lockdown I wrote my grandfather, Henry John Rogers’ biography, Lucky Jack (1894 – 2000) and it is now available for purchase on Amazon.

I have two stories (one is an extract from Lucky Jack) in an anthology coming out in December 2021 called 40 Life Changing Events 2022 Edition, edited by Robert Fear.

Many lifetimes ago I wrote a dissertation on ‘Clothing in Arthurian Romance and its Influence on Character Development’ as part of a German degree. I then went on to complete a Masters in ‘Communication in Computing with Italian’ which wasn’t as interesting to me, but helped me get a career started!

I worked for many years in London, England in publishing, multimedia project management and website production. I do some freelance work occasionally, but I have recently been concentrating on writing grandad’s biography, photography, reading a lot, including beta reading, and writing book reviews. I will read pretty much any style – I like a variety of books, but I prefer to support indie authors where possible..