BBNYA Review: Inheriting Her Ghosts by S.H. Cooper

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Publisher: Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing 
Length: 120 Pages
Genre: Horror
Age Category: Adult
Date Published: July 9, 2021

Inheritance often comes with strings attached, but rarely are they as tangled as those hanging over High Hearth.

When Eudora Fellowes learns she’s the sole heir of her estranged great-aunt’s seaside manor, she believes it will be the peaceful escape she’s longed for. What awaits, however, is a dark legacy shrouded in half a century of secrets, and it doesn’t take long before Eudora realizes she’s not the only one to call High Hearth home.

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My Review

Inheriting Her Ghosts is a terrifying ghost story full of atmosphere and trepidation. I am not usually a reader of horror stories but this one grabbed hold of me right away and kept me turning the pages!

The main character, Eudora Fellowes is an unusual woman of her time. Not prepared to follow society’s requirements of a woman and wear dresses, find a man to settle down with, get married and have children, she is considered something of an oddity by her community. Which is fine by her as she prefers the company of her two enormous hounds, Cerberus and Black Shuck, anyway.

She is a brave lady, a non-conformist determined not to be cowed against her will and does not think there is anything she cannot deal with. That is until she inherits her great aunt’s mansion and soon discovers it comes with an evil ghostly presence along with the ghosts of her victims. She thinks she can stand up to these unwanted presences but lack of sleep and physical attacks begin to affect her resolve.

The writing is really atmospheric and the scene is set for terrifying ghostly encounters typical of the gothic horror genre:

“I stalked past them, fists balled tight at my sides. My breath came in shallow bursts, knees weakening with each step, but still I closed in on my great-uncle, whose twisted form shambled eagerly forward, until we two stood so close the stink of him threatened to strangle all of my faculties.”

Inheriting Her Ghosts has many shocks and surprises and kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Eudora is a likeable character and her relationship with her dogs is adorable. I felt the novella was a little short and ended quite quickly – I would have liked the ending drawn out a little further so my heart could recover from all the scares!!

Author Bio

S.H. Cooper is a Florida based, multi-genre author with a focus on horror and fantasy. Her work has been published by Sleepless Sanctuary Publishing, Cemetery Gates Media, and Brigids Gate Press. In addition to short story collections and novels, she is also the writer for the horror comedy podcast, Calling Darkness. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing, talking about writing, or sleeping (wherein she dreams about writing). She is kept up and running through the tireless efforts of her extremely supportive family and coffee.

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