SPAAW – Self Published Author Appreciation Week: Valerie Poore

It’s hard to believe it’s already a year since I last posted some articles for SPAAW which is hosted by Jodie over at Witty & Sarcastic Bookclub!! Click on the link to be taken to the hub page on Jodie’s webpage, where she is collecting all of the SPAAW 2022 reviews and spotlight posts in one place.

Here is the link to last year’s hub page for even more content including my own posts!

Today I am featuring a new suspense thriller by established author and keen promoter of indies, Valerie Poore.

Beneath a Copper Sky by Valerie Poore


Apartheid still rules in South Africa when Angela and Stephen take on a job as caretakers of a remote farm in the Midlands of Natal. Things don’t go quite as planned from the moment they arrive, and the young couple find themselves coping with a situation they hadn’t bargained for. But despite their initial misgivings, their affection for the country and its people grows. Africa and all its ‘exoticness’ creeps under their skin and into their hearts. However, it isn’t long before underlying tensions in the area start to unsettle them. What are these undercurrents that are both alarming and dangerous? And who is their enigmatic neighbour?

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I wrote my first memoir, African Ways, back in 2006 as a response to the bad press South Africa was receiving at the time. My aim in writing it was to balance the media’s depressing image of the country by relating anecdotes of my life on a rural farm where I was incredibly happy. In later years, however, I felt I had more to say about the farm life and that I wanted to complete the story. The problem was I didn’t want to write another memoir or even revise African Ways. Over time, the seeds of a fictional book set in the same area geminated in my mind. Eventually, in 2017, I started writing about Stephen and Angela’s adventures as new and inexperienced caretakers of a remote farm in Natal (KwaZulu Natal these days) back in 1985. Due to various interruptions to write other memoirs, it’s taken me five years to complete the story, which slowly developed into a suspense mystery involving the political unrest that was emerging at the time. I feel I’ve now got it out of my system and I hope I have done justice to the place and its people, albeit in a fictional form.

About Valerie Poore

Val Poore was born and raised in England but at the end of 1981, she moved to South Africa where she and her family lived for nearly twenty years. She loved South Africa and all its people, but had to return to Europe in 2001 for personal reasons. Since then, she’s been working as a freelance ESL writing skills teacher and trainer in the Netherlands. Val shares her time between a 120-year-old barge in Rotterdam and a cottage in Zeeland, both of which seem to take an inordinate amount of time to maintain. She loves writing and as a distraction from teaching, she wrote her first memoir about her much missed former home in South Africa in 2006. Bitten by the writing bug, she now writes articles for magazines and blogs as well as publishing her own books.

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