Cover Reveal! At the Threshold of The Universe by T.A.Bruno

Today I am very excited to be joining a group of book bloggers to reveal the cover for the third instalment in T. A. Bruno’s Song of Kamaria series: At the Threshold of the Universe! This cover reveal is organised by Escapist book Tours. Please take a look at posts from some of the other hosts as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Song of Kamaria series and am excited to read the final episode which is coming soon!

Now here is the part you have been waiting for – the cover!!

The epic conclusion to the Song of Kamaria trilogy.


War ravages Kamaria as an old enemy resurfaces from the depths of the ocean. Offering no support in the coming battles, the Auk’nai isolate themselves in their tightly guarded Nest. Outgunned and outmatched, the fate of humanity once again trembles on the edge of obliteration. 

The Castus family is torn apart. Denton fights on the front lines, hoping to free Cade from a nightmarish foe. Meanwhile, Eliana and Nella set out on a path that will change everything they understand about the Sirens. The Song will end, but who will remain to hear its final verse?

Book Links:

The Song of Kamaria Series Page on Amazon

Book Information:

At the Threshold of the Universe by T.A. Bruno

Series: The Song of Kamaria #3
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Intended Age Group:
YA to Adult
Pages: 500 (unnoficial)
Upcoming (aiming for March/April 2022)
Tom Bruno Author (self-published)

Content/Trigger Warnings:

Shown on page:
Violence; Gore; Body horror
Alluded to:
Torture; Cannibalism; Child harm

About the Author

T. A. Bruno grew up in a suburb south of Chicago and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. Since then, he has brought stories to life for over a decade as a previsualization artist. At home, he is the proud father of two boys and a husband to a wonderful wife.

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