Completely Cats – Stories with Cattitude Produced by Beth Haslam and Zoe Marr

When Beth and Zoe set out to help cats in need through the charity, International Cat Care, they were amazed at the response. Incredible true stories poured in from cat lovers around the world. As varied as cats themselves, each story is guaranteed to delight, and each book purchased will help support the work of International Cat Care.

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About International Cat Care

In 1958, deep in the south west of England, a group of determined women formed a new charity for cats. They named it the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) and they knew they faced an uphill struggle. Back then, cats were largely considered unworthy of veterinary treatment and there was little interest in discovering more about them. However, led by the formidable Jean Judd, FAB’s stated aim was to advance feline veterinary medicine and raise the quality of care. Despite the odds, they succeeded and built an internationally respected organisation that is now working for all cats everywhere. We are now called International Cat Care, reflecting our expanding ambitions for cats worldwide, but we continue to be inspired by the passion and determination of our founders.

International Cat Care is a charity that works for all cats everywhere. Our mission is to ensure that all cats – owned or unowned – are treated with compassion and respect. We work towards this goal by providing the best available education, training and advice for vets, vet nurses, welfare specialists and owners to help them better understand the cats in their care. The focus of our work is often on veterinary science and data, but we never forget the amazing power of stories to move audiences in a way that simple facts rarely manage. We aim to help millions of cats, but we realise that millions of cats are made up individuals – each with their own story. Some of those stories have been beautifully captured here in the Completely Cats anthology. Completely Cats shows how stories can create change. Despite the authors’ very different locations and lifestyles, each tale reveals a genuine love for cats and a desire to understand and help those in need. These are stories of real lives and real cats. They reflect a world that is not always kind, is often unthinking and sometimes cruel, but at the same time they shine a light on special people who care, and whose compassion can drive them to extraordinary lengths on behalf of an animal. These are tales that can change the way people think about cats – and that’s why these stories matter so much.

Claire Bessant Chief Executive International Cat Care

My Review

I was sent a digital copy of this book by the Facebook group ‘We Love Memoirs’ as a prize in a competition. My review is honest and my opinions are my own.

Completely Cats is an anthology of 31 short stories by different authors – all about cats. Each of the cats featured in these stories has a distinct personality- some are heroic, some are quirky, all of them are adorable. They also have particular skills and talents, whether as simple companions, grief therapists, proctectors against snakes or cancer locators among many others.

Being a cat owner, I knew I would love these stories and was particularly captivated by poor Emilio who against all the odds survived being a victim in a hit and run car accident. What a brave and determined little chap he proved to be!

Murph the ‘vampire kisser’ was also an interesting cat with his own set of foibles. Set in the squalor of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ in London, I enjoyed the comedic tone of his story very much!

Beth Haslam, Val Poore, and Alan Parks are all authors whose wonderful memoir writing I am familiar with and their cat stories did not disappoint! Mitten the Minder must have been a truly brave and fearsome animal facing down a huge snake in South Africa!

I would encourage any animal lover to buy this book full of heart-warming feline tails! especially since part of the proceeds is donated to a cat charity!

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