Self-published Authors Appreciation Week – Creation by Bjørn Larssen

On Day 2 of Self-published Author Appreciation Week I have an EXCLUSIVE!!

I am very excited to be able to introduce you to Bjørn Larssen’s latest work of greatness – a new Norse-themed novella entitled Creation due to be published on August 18th, and he has given me the first look at the Blurb for the book, an excerpt, and an original graphic to accompany it!! Thank you so much, Bjørn!! The novella is the first in a series of novellas which when put together will make up the collection to be known as Why Odin Drinks (with a hat-tip to Gill Sims’ Why Mummy Drinks).

This book is so new that there isn’t even a cover yet, but here is the blurb and an accompanying graphic:

In the beginning there was confusion.

Ever woken up being a God, but not knowing how to God properly? Your brothers keep creating mosquitoes and celery and other, more threatening weapons. What can your ultimate answer be – the one that will make you THE All-Father and them, at best, the All-Those-Uncles-We-All-Have-But-Don’t-Talk-About?

“FML! The answer’s why I drink!” – Odin

Perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, and Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Here is an excerpt from Creation:

The creation produced a questioning sound. Odin didn’t, but only because he’d temporarily forgotten how to breathe.
“What’s this?” Vili asked.
The creature seemed half-resigned to its fate of existing, half-curious as to the answer. Odin’s baffled mind feverishly searched for the right word.
“It’s a…cow,” he said, snapping his fingers, relieved.
“You can drink from it.”
The cow seemed alarmed.

“Does it have a name?” asked Ve.
“Audhumla,” said Vili.
“It looks like an Audhumla to me. So…what exactly is it, brother? Tell us more about our cow Audhumla. How does it make us not cold?”
Predictably, Ve sneered.

“She makes a drink called milk, so we’re not thirsty. Then you take her skin and wrap yourself in it, and what falls from the inside is meat, which we eat.”
Audhumla’s eyes widened. She took a careful step back, clumsy on her four legs, pulled down by something like a giant growth with fingers sticking out of it.
“We don’t do it all at once,” Odin quickly added. “In fact, not anytime soon at all. Ha, ha.”
Audhumla shook her head and produced a sound best described as “moo,” which made the brothers wince.
“Does she have blood inside?” Ve asked.
Audhumla attempted to raise an eyebrow. Vili succeeded at doing it. Odin bit his lip. Under the weight of both his brothers’ and Audhumla’s stares, he already began to feel warmer, to the point where he felt himself sweat a bit. This was not the warmth he was searching for, though. Something had gone wrong…

If that sounds interesting hit Bjørn up for an arc! Contact details after Bjørn’s bio….

About the Author

Bjørn Larssen is a Norse heathen made in Poland, but mostly located in a Dutch suburb, except for his heart which he lost in Iceland. Born in 1977, he self-published his first graphic novel at the age of seven in a limited edition of one, following this achievement several decades later with his first book containing multiple sentences and winning awards he didn’t design himself.

Bjørn’s blog | Twitter | Facebook

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Would you murder your brothers to keep them from telling the truth about themselves?

On a long, cold Icelandic night in March 1920, Gunnar, a hermit blacksmith, finds himself with an unwanted lodger – Sigurd, an injured stranger who offers a story from the past. But some stories, even those of an old man who can barely walk, are too dangerous to hear. They alter the listeners’ lives forever… by ending them.

Others are keen on changing Gunnar’s life as well. Depending on who gets to tell his story, it might lead towards an unwanted marriage, an intervention, rejoining the Church, letting the elf drive him insane, or succumbing to the demons in his mind. Will he manage to write his own last chapter?

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Maya, her rage more powerful than she knows, wants freedom to pursue her own destiny. Neither torture nor blackmail can make her obedient or pretty enough for Freya, her foster-mother and Goddess of love. Fighting for independence and revenge, can a mere human win a game where Gods dictate the rules?

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2020 Stabby Nominee –Best Self-Published/Independent Novel

The sequel. Land is coming soon…

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