Cover Reveal! Books 2 and 3 in Lyra Wolf’s The Nine Worlds Rising series

Norse fantasy author, Lyra Wolf, recently decided to rebrand her series and relaunch the existing books. The cover of Book 1 – Truth and Other Lies was recently revealed by Storytellers on Tour and here I am today showing you the covers for books 2 and 3, The Order of Chaos and That Good Mischief.

Firstly, lets get to know the author:

Lyra Wolf is a Swiss-American author of fantasy and mythic fiction.

Raised in Indiana, home to a billion corn mazes, she now lives in Central Florida, home to a billion mosquitoes. She enjoys drinking espresso, wandering through old city streets, and being tragically drawn to 18th century rogues.

When Lyra isn’t fulfilling the wishes of her overly demanding Chihuahua, you can find her writing about other worlds and the complicated people who live there.

Lyra has earned a B.A. in History and M.A. in English.

You can follow Lyra on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit her website at

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | goodreads

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And now here they are…take a good look at these beauties!! You can almost feel the texture of the fur in the background of The Order of Chaos

Graphic made by @fantasybooknerd

The Order of Chaos: A Loki Norse Fantasy (The Nine Worlds Rising # 2)

Cover by: Dominic Forbes (

Title: The Order of Chaos
Series: The Nine Worlds Rising (#2)
Publisher: Ravenwell Press
Genre: High Fantasy, Mythic Fantasy, Action and Adventure
Cover by: Dominic Forbes (

Book Description

Let’s start Ragnarok, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

Nothing pisses off a trickster god more than being imprisoned for five hundred years and not being able to annoy Thor. There are other reasons, secrets, and promises behind Loki’s rage, but that’s for Loki to know and the gods to find out—preferably painfully.

When the chance to start Ragnarok presents itself, Loki feels the apocalypse is as good a way as any to burn Asgard to the ground. And, it is, until the gods reveal their own teensy, tiny little surprise for Loki.

Suddenly, Loki has every reason in the worlds to stop them from ending. But this is Ragnarok, and one does not simply stop the apocalypse.

Chaos is all well and good, so long as Loki is in charge of it. Except chaos isn’t about to start taking orders from anyone, not even the god of pot-stirring himself, and it has a universe to destroy.

Originally published as “Chaos Rising.”

Amazon US | Amazon UK | goodreads

That Good Mischief: A Loki Norse Fantasy (The Nine Worlds Rising # 3)

Cover by: Dominic Forbes (

Title: That Good Mischief
Series: The Nine Worlds Rising (#3)
Publisher: Ravenwell Press
Genre: High Fantasy, Mythic Fantasy, Action and Adventure
Cover by: Dominic Forbes (

Book Description

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Loki and Sigyn had gone full Midgardian, settling down in California, with Loki going off to toil for their daily bread. So what if his nine-to-five is actually working as a knife-for-hire? Ocean views aren’t cheap, and neither are engagement rings.

When Sigyn collapses, Loki senses a darkness growing within her, and he knows only one god who may be able to stop it before it possesses her completely. However, asking for help from the man you swore to never see again carries its own price.

Even with Ragnarok on the table again (and, again, not Loki’s fault…really), it’s the least of Loki’s problems, especially when buried secrets start surfacing.

Lies are unraveling, the truth is spinning, and consequences are flying faster than Loki can run and he might lose Sigyn forever.

Either to the darkness, or to his own lies.

Amazon US | Amazon UK  | goodreads

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