Illustration Showcase – Dezarea Dunn

Breakaway – The Blighted Trilogy, Book One

Breakaway Book Description

My name is Thea Galleon, and I’m about to become a mermaid . . . or so I thought. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been able to feel when someone’s life is in danger. With the deadly White Blight picking off more of our species than we can replace, my “feelings” come in handy. But just months from my Tail Ceremony, I never could’ve predicted the consequences of a secret my parents have kept for most of my life.

When a gorgeous stranger enters my shattered world, his stunning eyes plague my dreams, and our irrevocable connection puts me in the crosshairs of the Council. 

To avoid imprisonment I’ll have to escape my home and leave everything familiar to discover who—or what—I will ultimately become. Breakaway: The Blighted Trilogy Book One eBook: Dunn, Dezarea, Paul, Christie: Kindle Store

Breakfall – The Blighted Trilogy, Book Two

Breakfall Book Description

My name is Thea and I’m a mermaid. Actually . . . it’s a bit more complicated than that. 

I thought I was an ordinary mermaid prepared to receive an ordinary tail color at my Tail Ceremony. Instead, I ended up with a mythical color equipped with powerful abilities.

The Council believes I’m a danger to myself, the Pisciessoan community, and the world. Part of me understands their reaction, but I draw the line at imprisoning me . . . or worse.

I have one chance to escape with the help of a handsome stranger I only know as Bellamy. 

The specter of war looms, and an ancient grudge means Bellamy is the only one who trusts me. But there’s more to the myth, the meaning in Bellamy’s gaze, and the darkness that has been unleashed inside of me. 

I must learn to control my terrifying new abilities or become the monster everyone fears. . . Breakfall: The Blighted Trilogy Book Two eBook: Dunn, Dezarea, Paul, Christie: Kindle Store

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Mythical creature said to live in the Blue Holes of The Bahamas whose name is used as an expletive.

Excerpt from Breakaway: Book One

“We will be reviewing sea dragons and their place in history, with special focus on Lusca,” Mr. Conlinn intones. No one reacts. “Can anyone tell me who Lusca is?”


Mr. Conlinn surveys the class with an expectant gaze. The clock ticks, each second inching us closer to the end of class. 

Clamping my lips closed, I stare hard at my desk hoping someone else will actually answer this time.

“No one?” questions Mr. Conlinn.

The hairs on my neck stand on end as eyes turn to me. Sighing, I sit straighter in my seat and answer. “The half-dragon, half-octopus that legend says terrorizes the regions west of our border.”

“Thank you, yet again, Miss Galleon.”

Coral crosses her eyes at me good-naturedly. “Teacher’s pet.”

“Teacher’s pain,” I reply.”


One of Thea’s two best friends, rash but fiercely loyal, and “secretly” in love with Calix.

Excerpt from Breakaway: Book One

“Dude!” Coral exclaims.

“Dude!” Calix and I mimic back.

She picked up this word from her older brother, Polyp, in Purple Ops. They sent him to America for his first mission. When he came back, he was spouting all manner of new words. The problem is, she uses it all—the—time. 

“Oh, come on. If there was ever a ‘dude’ moment then this is it,” she retorts.


Thea’s other best friend. Protective and steadfast, not-so-secretly in love with Thea.

Excerpt from Breakaway: Book One

“Throwing myself on my bed, I grab my phone and try to call Thea only for it to go straight to voicemail. I try again; same results. Okay, that’s not a bad omen at all. . . 

Pulling up messages from Coral, I text her: Hey, did Thea look okay today? I tried to call, but she didn’t answer. 

Coral’s message reads: She just got to my house. She looks fine.

I send a reply: I’m coming over.

I jump up to grab my leather jacket and keys. My bedroom window slides open making little noise from frequent use. I step out onto the back porch roof and close the window behind me. Perched on the edge of the roof, I flip over onto my stomach and ease myself off the ledge, dropping the remaining two feet to the ground. Pulling my motorcycle from behind the shed, I walk it to the end of my street before I kick it on and head for Coral’s house.”


The adopted and sheltered main character who is forced out of her comfort zone. 

Excerpt from Breakaway: Book One

“My eyes close as the electric tingle intensifies and fills me with light, beginning with my left palm, spreading until light is all I see. 

I open my eyes and watch as light swirls around me in the ocean, locked with my palm. My body lifts into the air, my connection to the ocean infusing me with power and life that thrums in time with my heartbeat. My bones stretch and break, becoming cartilage. Skin and muscle fuse together, the cells changing shape to form scales. My lungs expand fully, snapping my fractured ribs back into place, mending them, and opening my once painful gills that now feel whole.

I am alive.

I am strong.

The light fills my mind, swirling like stars in a galaxy. Something snaps in the back of my brain—the last physical barrier to the magic within me.”


Sent on a mission to find medicine in the hopes it will prolong his mothers life, he finds himself drawn to Thea. Could she be what he was sent to find?

Excerpt from Breakfall: Book Two

“The sound of rushing water fills the cavern, its spray creating a misty fog across the opening that prevents me from seeing beyond it. Bellamy looks at me and backs slowly away, his eyes holding mine as he slips beneath the surface of the water.”


Calix’s friend and green tail trainer during his Freedom Week.

Excerpt from Breakaway: Book One

“Lowmar simply nods, not calling attention to my outburst. Rich brown skin transitions into deep green scales, and coils of textured hair stand proud above hazel eyes that mimic the lighter shades of his tail. A Mentor’s pack is slung across his back. He’s a few years older than me, but we have seen each other around the Dome often enough since his dad is in Purple Ops. 

“Ready to go?” Lowmar asks, kindly sidestepping the situation.


As a green tail, Lowmar is responsible for training newly transitioned Pisci during their Freedom Week. When they get older, many transition into being therapists or counselors, like Lowmar’s mom, due to their natural ability to feel others emotions and know what a person needs.”


Heir to the Tigris House Seat.

Excerpt from Breakfall: Book Two

“The water shimmers, and a Cephalian materializes. Shock ripples through Bellamy and into me at the sight of Abyssah standing before the man who tried to kill me. Dressed in a feminine form of obsidian armor, her tentacles flow out beneath her like a dress, shifting colors.”

About the Author/Illustrator

Dezarea is a bonafide Texan, hoarder of coffee mugs, lover of creativity, and mother to three. When not writing or drawing, she can be found crafting, doing renovation projects with her wonderfully indulgent husband, or tackling the endless mountain of laundry that lurks in her bedroom. To find out more, follow her at:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | goodreads

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