Cover Reveal – If Asheel Won’t Burn by Jen Jarrett

Today on my blog I am excited to be helping out with a Cover Reveal for indie author Jen Jarrett’s debut dark fantasy novel If Asheel Won’t Burn, which is due to be published in December 2021.

Another month. Another night haunted by an immortal Reaper. Another grieving family. The hopeless cycle never ends. 

Only Asheel can sense the Reaper’s next victim, but instead of praise for her gift, she’s blamed for the abductions and despised. Even worse, the neighboring cities have heard rumors of the girl with the Reaper’s eyes and seek her magic for themselves. 

Asheel doesn’t know if she should continue her predictions since they cause more harm than good or if she should start a new life away from the magic, but none of that matters when the Reaper comes for her. Through the Reaper’s Gate, Asheel will learn more than one world is prisoner to the realm’s ruler, and that immortality has a cost no one should be willing to pay. 

As a human among monsters, she’ll make her own destiny. Because who’s better to end the Reaper Cycle than the girl fated to be the next one?

Genre: Dark Fantasy 
Age: New Adult/Crossover 
Main Character: Asheel, about to turn 20 years old 
Comps: A book full of monsters that’s like Spirited Away meets Alice in Wonderland 
Content Warnings: Fantasy violence and death, abductions of children and adults
(I write “clean;” I’d say rated PG-13 if books had content ratings)

Now without further ado … here is the cover:

I think you will agree that it looks really intriguing!

“I love everything with words! Writing is my passion, and books are my love.”

Jennifer Jarrett graduated from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in English in 2012 with a focus in professional writing. A professional writer is capable of creative, business, technical, legal, academic, and journalism writing and typically can edit within each of these categories.

A few months after graduating, she entered the workforce as a professional writer/editor where she gained over 10 years of experience in each professional writing category.

Last year, she launched her own professional editing service. And now If Asheel Won’t Burn will be her debut novel!

You can follow up on the latest projects Jen is working on via her:

Twitter | Instagram | Website

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