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Today on my blog I am presenting something a little different. A while ago I was approached and offered a free full version of the software application Visme to use and review. Thank you to the team at Visme.

First of all, what is Visme? 

Visme is a data presentation and visualization tool that helps the users in making their content compelling and presentable by transforming it into visually appealing presentations and infographics.

Visme provides a collaborative platform for the individuals and teams to start and develop new projects. It provides the team leads and managers with many useful organizational and management tools, enabling them to sort and classify files and information as well as setting access controls for individuals and groups. Likewise, the platform offers automation capabilities to streamline presentation of materials online as well as publishing of content.

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Well that’s what the corporate people think…what do I like about it?

For a non-graphical designer who likes to make banners and occasional graphics for my blog, and who works in marketing, making promotional flyers and webpages,  I found Visme very easy to use. The support team were very helpful in sending me plenty of tutorials and helpful training materials. I do not have a particularly technical background and used the tutorials to figure things out. These tutorials were clear and helpful. I spent a couple of hours reviewing them and then jumped right in to creating blog banners and infographics with ease. 

Here are some of the key elements I liked about Visme:

  • You have a “Workspace” to the left of your screen, where you can easily see all of your current and past projects. I like the visual aspect of this filing system.

  • Since Google Analytics was incorporated into Visme it has made it very easy to produce charts and other visually interesting ways to present marketing data. There are also animated illustrations, characters and even hand gestures which you can incorporate into infographics to make them visually stunning! 
  • There are many different templates which can be used to get you started with simple graphic design. There are also hundreds of fonts and color selections available.

The screenshot below just shows a selection of Book Cover templates but there are templates for everything you can imagine:

  • You can easily copy styles and apply them elsewhere, to other objects and text. 
  • If you like a particular content block you have made you can save it and reuse it again and again.  Once you’ve made something you like, you can save it to a board and then reuse it, or edit it slightly, no longer needing to recreate items again and again for reuse.
  • You can easily set themes and brand colours across your projects by using the “My Brand” feature.

I used to use Powerpoint at work for a lot of the infographics and marketing flyers I needed, but I have found Visme can do everything I need and more easily and efficiently in many cases and with attractive added flair. I also enjoy making banners and graphics with it for my blog. I would highly recommend you try out the free version if this is something that interests you!

Additional uses of Visme can be found on these links:

Visme is used to make Graphs and Charts:

Visme is used to also create Printables such as Flyers:

Visme is also used to create Scatter Plots: plot maker

Visme is also used to publish Survey results:

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