Mockingston Faire (The Collectionverse #1) by Samuel Yaw Jian Fong

Book Description

Three friends — Victoria Hughes, Jack Zhang, and Ludvig Gerald — attend Mockingston Faire, an annual convention where fans meet their friends and favourite characters, buy and sell art, play games, and have a good time. Victoria wants to see Gunfighter III, her anticipated game, and reconcile with Ludvig over what she did last year; Jack wants to get as many pictures of his dearest characters and personalities; and Ludvig just wants to keep away from annoying fans and events who constantly forced him to become an amateur actor.

But the Faire itself has its own challenges. Everywhere they go, they seem to be unable to evade the malcontents of pop culture. From violent brawls between bitter fandoms, to nuisances who hound their every step, the whole Faire seems to descend into chaos.

Can these three make it through this dysfunctional festival with their friends in one piece? Or will they succumb to the surrounding rage, losing their sanity and reputation in the process?

My Review

The author approached me for a review and sent me a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Samuel!

At 77 pages in length, Mockingston Faire is a fairly short YA novella set around an annual fan convention. Its intended audience is the 13-18 year age range, so I am way outside of that, and I have never been to a superfan convention, but decided to try and read it objectively!

There are three main characters who are attending the convention, teenagers Victoria, Ludvig and Jack and the story follows them as they get photos with their idols and interact with other teens they know from school.

The characters enjoy themselves at the convention looking at all the collectibles for sale, trying out new games they’ve been anticipating and meeting like-minded fans while collecting photos like all teens.

There are issues with other fans taking themselves and their fandoms too seriously and getting in everyone’s way at this busy event. 

I did find a few places were the tenses were mixed which I found a bit jarring. I think a professional editor could help smooth these over.

This story will resonate well with the age range it is aimed at, particularly those who like conventions and belonging to fandoms.

About the Author

Samuel Yaw Jian Fong is an amateur author and artist from Seremban, Malaysia. Due to a lot of time spent on the Internet, he enjoys making his own fictional worlds inhabited by dozens of quirky characters — would you like to check them out?

For more information about his works, check out the “Rabydosverse Wikia” and HorsesPlease’s DeviantArt page.

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