Timeripper by D. E. McCluskey

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Book Details

Publication Date: February 25th, 2021

Genre: Time Travel/ Thriller/ Historical Fiction/ Sci-Fi

Publisher: Damaged Productions

Book Description

It is the year 2288, and Earth is reeling from the most horrific terrorist attack it has ever endured.The Quest, a pseudo-religious splinter group, have taken a stance against the Earth Alliance’s authority of the planet.It is down to Youssef Haseem, now the highest-ranking official left in the EA, to build a team to face the threat of total inhalation if he doesn’t stand down and bow to The Quest’s demands. Then the leaders of The Quest disappear, and a legend emerges in the year 1888. But just who is the mysterious stranger stalking and viciously killing women on the streets of Whitechapel, London?A mission is launched! A battle of wits against time itself. A fight to be played out in the present and the past, with the fate of humanity at stake.Legends can happen anytime…

My Review

I was given a digital version of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of this blog tour. Thank you to Shannon from R & R Book Tours and D. E. McCluskey.

Timeripper is the well-known story of Jack the Ripper and his female victims in Victorian London, given a completely new and original twist. What if the victims were actually female terrorists from the year 2288, escaping through time to 1888 having caused Armageddon on Earth, and what if Jack the Ripper was actually an assassin sent back in time to track them down and give them justice? Hooked yet? You will be…

The story begins on Earth in 2288 and we are introduced to characters in a number of well-known locations around the world. Just as we feel we are getting to know these characters a purple apocalyptic cloud of mist filled with colourful lightning rolls over everything destroying whatever it touches:

“The cloud trundled across the city, leaving nothing in its wake. It was the only phrase he could think of to describe what he was witnessing. Nothing in its wake! Nothing, except dust, sand, and desolation.”

In 2288 scientists have figured out teleportation and certain people are able to escape the destruction by teleporting to a number of Orbital Platforms run by the Earth Alliance (EA) in Earth’s orbit.

Youssef Haseem is a likeable senior employee of the EA and is one of the lucky ones to escape the carnage on the Earth by teleporting to Orbital Platform One:

Since Earth had put aside its racial differences and religious intolerances, all the countries and cultures had seen that there was more to be done, more to be achieved, by working together rather than against each other. The Earth Alliance Treaty had been formed. This harmony led to fantastical breakthroughs in science and technology. Hunger and poverty had been all but eradicated, and Earth was now very nearly the Utopia many had dreamed about for centuries

Now wouldn’t that be amazing? Unfortunately Youssef’s ex-colleague Carrie Millwood is not too happy with the way of the world, and forms a splinter group to worship the power of the Higgs Storm like a deity. Carrie and six women left the Earth Alliance to set up The Quest:

The Quest was a pseudo-religious organisation of like-minded people who derived their doctrine from their quest to investigate and expose what was fake in a world dominated by the Earth Alliance. They worshipped freedom above all else. Freedom to exert their own control over their own people. They knew that was essentially a paradox, but they revelled in it.“

From a small group of anarchists the Quest had grown to be 6 million strong. This group has managed to figure out time travel and having wrought devastation on the Earth of 2288, ten of them decide to flit back to Whitechapel in 1888, the time and location of the famous grisly murder legend of Jack the Ripper. They aim to remain hidden there for one year while the Earth terraforms, such that they can begin again as leaders in a new earthly Utopia:

Freedom of religion: they wanted religion banned and for science to be revered. They wanted freedom of rule, they wanted one central government, i.e. them, to control all the governments of all the countries on Earth. They thought they had the ‘new way,’ and they wanted to enforce it on everyone.

This book is an intelligent thriller with a lot of pseudo-scientific explanation surrounding the Hadron Collider, the Higgs Bosun particle and the work the EA has been doing to master teleportation and time travel in the early pages, where the world and story premise are being set up for the reader. I am not a scientist and was able to follow most of these scientific explanations quite easily and they seemed plausible enough to me:

It was widely regarded that time travel could never be achieved due to the paradox theory. The theory stated that if it was to be invented then we would already know about it; but with this discovery, it seemed that paradox was about to be blown out of the water.

Flashbacks are used extensively throughout the book. We are taken back 20 years to witness the first successes with teleportation and of course the majority of the book takes place in Victorian Whitechapel with occasional glimpses back to 2288, “the present”. 

In 1888 an evil character who likes nothing better than beating his wife and has murderous tendencies, Aaron Kosminski, is witness to the first time traveller’s arrival, without her realizing, and decides he needs to kill all of the ten ‘witches’ he has been watching. He doesn’t realize the paradoxical laws mean that they cannot be killed by someone not of their time.

An assassin from 2288 is sent back to find them and begins picking them off one by one trying to get them to tell him their transponder codes and then ripping their tracking devices out of their bodies using a laser device – thus causing the grisly evisceration famous in the Jack the Ripper cases.

The murder and tracking device extraction scenes should probably come with a warning as they are incredibly gruesome and definitely not for the faint-hearted. I found Timeripper to be a grisly yet compelling read with a few unexpected twists; a whodunnit, as we try and figure out which of the characters from the future the assassin can possibly be – there are clues. I would recommend it to fans of serial killer style horror.

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About the Author

My name is David McCluskey, I am an author from Liverpool in the UK. I have written seven novels so far.  TimeRipper is my latest. I started writing about 15 years ago, being with short horror stories for children that were written in rhyme. I enlisted the services of an artist and created my very first comic from them. Interesting Tymes is a great seller at comic conventions around the UK, as it offered something that a lot of comics these days don’t, something for the children to get their teeth into (so to speak). 

I then began to create more comics, some for children, some for adults, before creating my own graphic novels. Doppelgänger is a dark psychological horror, Olf is a children’s graphic novel about Father Christmas and his reindeer, A Christmas Carol is a rewriting of the original tale, but in rhyme, and DeathDay Presents is an adult comedy based in Hell. 

From there I moved on to writing novels. My debut novel The Twelve is still my best seller on Amazon. 

I write under the name of D E McCluskey for my adult fiction, and I will be launching a children’s range of novels this year under the name Dave McCluskey (I don’t want children buying some of the other horror based stuff by accident). 

I still live in Liverpool with my partner, Lauren, and our children, Grace and Sian. We have a sausage dog called Ted, who likes to leave little sausages around the house, just to remind us why he is a sausage dog. 

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