Kings and Queens by J. N. Eagles


Kings and Queens is a coming of age poetry book. The story follows a young queen as she struggles to find herself while dealing with the king’s rule, the fire-breathing dragon, and the evil queen.

My Review

I read Kings and Queens on behalf of Rosie Amber’s Book Review team, #RBRT. Thank you to Rosie and J. N. Eagles for sending me a review copy.

Kings and Queens is a fantasy poem, set in the kingdom of Benvolio and told exclusively from the point of view of the queen. We don’t learn the names of any of the characters.

It is an amusing rhyming poem about the life of a young queen who is mostly ignored by her power-hungry, unfaithful husband and how she reacts when her country is beset by a dragon, due to the King’s greed:

“The beast had red scales
And sharp nails.
Its claws dug in the ground.
The knights were spellbound.
And as it crept nearby,
They shook at the dragon’s cry”

A knight comes to defeat the dragon and the queen falls in love with him.

The king has been cruel and neglectful to the queen. Yet he has heard rumors of their love from the ladies in waiting and becomes jealous, sending the knight out to fight the dragon.

Illustrations in the book by Jeanette and Elise

The knight is compassionate and cannot kill the dragon, but instead he rides the dragon back and presents it to the queen. She hopes that now she is the owner of a dragon, this  will make the court listen to her. She is frustrated that being queen is not enough to make her desires heard. Instead the king locks her up in a tower.

The dark queen attacks their land in retaliation for the loss of her husband, and the queen is scared and lacking confidence. She needs to find the courage to help defend her kingdom and eventually she manages to. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes during the battle, but the queen has now become a much stronger person, able to command respect and beat her foes.

The poem is a quick but very enjoyable read. I imagine an audio version would probably sound like a rap and would quite like to hear that!

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About the Author

Jordan currently lives in Alabama with her husband, two cats, a fish, and a hamster named Shakespeare. Kings and Queens is her first work of poetry to be published, though she plans to write and publish in many genres. She graduated from Athens State University with a Bachelor’s in English/Language Arts and is now studying Creative Writing at the University of Northern Alabama.

Instagram: @life_onthe_shelf

Facebook: @J. N. Eagles

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