The Ultimate Tour Experience from Storytellers on Tour

Storytellers on Tour set a fun reading challenge called The Ultimate Tour Experience for their roadies at the beginning of 2021 and this is the first check-in.

The Ultimate Tour Experience is a bingo-like reading challenge where you can collect tickets for each blog tour or book blitz you take part in. There are three VIP Bingo cards each containing 9 tickets which participants are trying to fill by December 19th in order to win a prize:

The Rules
  • Take part in our events! Each book you read during one of our events (tours and book blitzes count) is eligible to collect maximum of 2 tickets on any given card. For hard mode, you can go with 1 book/ticket.
  • We’ll do 3 check-ins throughout the year when you’ll be welcome to post about your progress (this does not mean you can’t do it anytime you want, please feel free to do so!) and enter to win one of our giveaways. These check-ins will happen:
    • April 12th – 18th
    • August 9th – 15th
    • December 13th -19th
  • Between the participants (those who make at least one post during the check-in weeks and will fill out our google form we’ll be sending out) we’ll draw winners for giveaways. If you only collected one ticket, that still counts as long as you post about it on either your blog or any of the social media platforms and tag us and fill out our form.
  • Those who’ll have at least one V.I.P ticket (this can be done by collecting all the tickets on the cards) by December 19th will be entered to win the grand prize. More V.I.P tickets (maximum of 3) mean extra entries into the drawing. We’ll draw the winner on December 20th.
  • During the duration of the challenge, we’ll give you one chance to switch two prompts of your choice. For example, you only need the “Man’s Best Friend” ticket to upgrade to V.I.P, and you already have the “Blood suckers” ticket from another card. You can ask for a switch between these two tickets. If you’d like to do this, please email us at
  • To help you with the challenge, we’ll list on every book tour page which tickets any given book is eligible for.

My Progress So Far

These are the blog tours I have taken part in the first quarter of the year and the tickets they can earn:

The Place Below by Dan FitzgeraldPOSSIBLE TICKETS: An Unforgettable Sidekick, Represent, It’s All About the Journey, The More the Merrier, A Villain You Love to Hate, Storyteller in the House, Bring On the Magic.

I am going to use this one for AN UNFORGETTABLE SIDEKICK (VIP Ticket #1) and A VILLAIN YOU LOVE TO HATE (VIP ticket #2)

In the Orbit of Sirens by T. A. BrunoPOSSIBLE TICKETS: Lost in Space, A Gate to Another World, That Ship Has Sailed

I am going to use this one for LOST IN SPACE (VIP ticket #1) and THAT SHIP HAS SAILED (VIP ticket #2)

Rising Shadows by Phillip BlackwaterPOSSIBLE TICKETS: Elves and Dwarves and Orcs, The More the Merrier, The Wings of Change, Bring On the Magic

I am going to use this one for ELVES AND DWARVES AND ORCS (VIP ticket #1) and THE MORE THE MERRIER (VIP ticket #2)

Truth and Other Lies by Lyra WolfPOSSIBLE TICKETS: Represent, It’s All About the Journey, That Ship Has Sailed, Snark It Up, Love Actually, A Villain You Love to Hate, The Wings of Change, I’m Not Crying, You Are Crying, Valhalla Awaits, Bring On the Magic, Simply Mythical, A Gate to Another World

I am going to use this one for REPRESENT (VIP ticket #1) and SNARK IT UP (VIP ticket #2)

Fly Free by Allison RosePOSSIBLE TICKETS: It’s All About the Journey, The More the Merrier, A Villain You Love to Hate, The Wings of Change, Bring On the Magic

I am going to use this one for IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY (VIP ticket #1) and THE WINGS OF CHANGE (VIP ticket #2)

So when that is all translated onto the Bingo cards it looks like this (no change to card #3):

I’m looking forward to trying to fill in the remaining prompts!

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