Historical Stories of Betrayal

Book Description

Betrayal, treachery, treason, deceit, perfidy—all names for the calculated violation of trust. And it’s been rife since humans trod the earth.

A promise broken
A mission betrayed
A lover’s desertion
A parent’s deception
An unwitting act of treason
Betrayal by comrades
Betrayal by friends

Could you resist the forces of misplaced loyalty, power hunger, emotional blackmail, or plain greed? Is there ever redemption, or will the destruction visit future generations and even alter history? These questions are still with us today.

Read twelve tales by twelve accomplished writers who explore these historical yet timeless challenges from post Roman Britain to the present day.

AD 455—Roman leader Ambrosius is caught in a whirlpool of shifting allegiances
AD 940—Alyeva and cleric Dunstan navigate the dangers of the Anglo Saxon court
1185—Knight Stephan fights for comradeship, duty, and honour. But what about love?
1330—The powerful Edmund of Kent enters a tangled web of intrigue
1403—Thomas Percy must decide whether to betray his sovereign or his family
1457—Estelle is invited to the King of Cyprus’s court, but deception awaits
1483—Has Elysabeth made the right decision to bring Prince Edward to London?
1484—Margaret Beaufort contemplates the path to treason
1577—Francis Drake contends with disloyalty at sea
1650—Can James Hart, Royalist highwayman, stop a nemesis from destroying his friend?
1718—Pirate Annie Bonny, her lover Calico Jack, and a pirate hunter. Who will win?
1849/present—Carina must discover her ancestor’s betrayer in Italy or face ruin.

My Review

I am reviewing this book on behalf of Rosie Amber’s Book Review team #RBRT.  I read a kindle version of this book.

5/5 stars

Historical Stories of Betrayal includes stories by Judith Arnopp, Cryssa Bazos, Anna Belfrage, Derek Birks, Helen Hollick, Amy Maroney, Alison Morton, Charlene Newcomb, Tony Riches, Mercedes Rochelle, Annie Whitehead, Elizabeth St.John . Please click on their names to visit their Goodreads pages for more information.

Historical Stories of Betrayal is a collection of twelve short fictional stories set in different periods throughout history, each with the theme of betrayal of one kind or another. The time periods range from post-Roman Britain to a 21st century alternative history and are presented chronologically. Each story has a distinctive flavour, brought to it by each of the author’s distinctive styles. They are each around forty pages long which makes it an easy book to pick up at various points throughout the day.

Anglo Saxon England as depicted in ‘The Last Kingdom’
The Tower of London

Learning to trust someone can take a long time and when that trust is betrayed it’s difficult to overcome the associated feelings of anger and disappointment, whatever the type of betrayal. There are many different kinds of betrayal described in this collection – by parents, lovers, friends and historical acts of treachery. There are many familiar historical characters included, such as pirates Ann Bonney and Calico Jack, explorer Francis Drake, Thomas Percy and Margaret Beaufort. My favourite stories were Annie Whitehead’s Love to Hatred Turn’d, a tale of courtly life and murderous plots, set in the 10th century and Judith Arnopp’s House Arrest, a tale of Margaret Beaufort and King Richard III, set in the 15th century:

“The only man able to resist the temptation of power is a corpse.”

There is also a wealth of authentic historical detail in these stories – these authors clearly know their chosen time periods and have done plenty of research.

I would highly recommend this collection to fans of historical fiction, stories filled with emotion and readers wanting to try out something by these particular authors before choosing to buy their full novels.

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