Cover Reveal! The Well of Shadows by S.A. Klopfenstein – January 21st 2021

The Well of Shadows

Today in conjunction with Storytellers on Tour I am bringing you the much anticipated cover of the fourth book in the hugely popular Shadow Watch series by S. A. Klopfenstein – The Well of Shadows. Thank you to Justine and Timy for letting me join the cover reveal party! Due out on May 15th 2021, this YA Epic Fantasy follows on from The Shadow Watch, The Rage of Saints and The Darkling Queen. Add these three books to your goodreads ‘To Be Read’ list before the fourth instalment comes out!

As with the three previous installments in the Shadow Watch series, the cover of The Well of Shadows is illustrated by the highly talented Ömer Burak Önal whose work can be viewed here: And here it is…

Cover Illustration: Ömer Burak Önal ( )

I think you will agree with me that it is a beautifully illustrated, highly atmospheric cover with the mists swirling around! There is a definite epic fantasy feel to the design.

Book Description

On the brink of another War Between the Worlds…
The Gallows Girl will determine once and for all…
If magic will save the world or bring it to ruin.

Reeling from the events in the Ruined Empire, Tori must rally her few loyal followers to
save her friends and face foes on two fronts. The Darkling Queen has sentenced
Mischa to death in a bold attempt to lure Tori into a trap. The Gallows Girl must find a
way to outwit the sorceress who hijacked her rebellion and stole her magic, so she can
face an even greater threat.
For the chancellor searches the world for the mythical Wellspring, the power of creation
itself, in a final scheme to take back his throne. If he finds the heart of magic, it could
plunge the world into a darkness beyond all imagining.
Tori must face her demons and harness new magic, if she has any hope of preventing
another magical war from ravaging her world.
But there can be no peace without sacrifice.

Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to the Shadow Watch series.

Author Information

S.A. Klopfenstein grew up on a steady dose of Tolkien and Star Wars. As a child, he wrote his first story about a sleepwalking killer who was executed by lethal injection. He lives in the American West with his wife and their dog, Iorek Byrnison. He can be found exploring the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, or daring the halls of the high school where he teaches English and mythology.

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