The Fury Yet to Come by Steven McKinnon


A loyal soldier. A sadistic witch. A battle to the brink of madness.

Corporal Tyson Gallows would confront any danger to keep his fiancée out of harm’s way. After his elite squadron falls to an enemy ambush, he wakes to find his hands chained and his mind held captive by a demented witch.

Tortured to the verge of insanity, he wages war in the battlefield of his subconscious and scouts for his opportunity to strike back. With his fellow soldiers’ tormented cries ringing in his ears, Gallows misfires his attack and exposes the source of his strength—his deep devotion to the woman he loves. If he can’t break free of the witch’s stranglehold soon, he’ll lose something far more precious than military secrets—he’ll lose his soulmate.

The Fury Yet To Come is a grimdark fantasy novella. If you like fierce battles, black magic, and psychological thrillers, then you’ll love Steven McKinnon’s action-packed prequel to Symphony of the Wind.

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My Review

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4/5 stars

This short novella is the prequel to Steven McKinnon’s grimdark fantasy series ‘A Raincatcher’s Ballad’ and introduces the main protagonist, Tyson Gallows. We find him chained to the ceiling in a cell, held captive by the mind controlling witch, Nidra the Perceptor. This book is not for the faint-hearted, Nidra tortures Gallows and through her mind-control we are shown flashbacks which set the scene for what happened before he was captured.

A war is raging and a bloody battle has just taken place between the Daltheans and the Idari. Nidra has taken Gallows captive in order to discover the location of a weapon, but unfortunately he knows nothing about it. She decides to keep him as her sex slave and the torture continues, but Gallows discovers he can resist somewhat when thinking of his beloved fiancée Sera, who he proposed to the night before he went away to battle. He is terrified that the witch will discover how much he cares for Sera and will use it against him. But how can he defeat someone capable of mind and body control?

The author is talented at describing the detailed world he has created. It is easy to imagine the scene, the night before Gallows ships off to war:

“Wooden bridges arched over the myriad waterways. Tall, thin lilac trees lined the snaking paths, and airships glided above like butterflies. Couples sat huddled together and threw aerons into the ponds, ripples of hazy fire blooming beneath the tall, curving ignium lamps. Were they making the same wishes as Gallows? How many of them were setting off to war in the morning?”

The entire novella is written from Gallows’ point of view which helps the reader to get to know him but leaves the other characters somewhat lacking in depth.

This novella is described as grimdark fantasy and certain passages are definitely both grim and dark, but if that is not something you are bothered by as a reader, I would recommend this as an introduction to the trilogy.

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About the Author

Symphony of the Wind is Steven McKinnon’s first fiction novel, and is Book One of The Raincatcher’s Ballad. Book Two, Wrath of Storms, followed one year later. The Fury Yet To Come is a prequel novella set in the same world.

His first book, the true-life tale Boldly Going Nowhere, was released in 2015.

Steven is 33 years old, and was born in the bathroom of a Glasgow flat in the year 1986.

He has since moved out.

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