Incendiary by Carl Rackman

She’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. She is beautiful – a perfect fusion of physical and mental supremacy. And she hasn’t been free for forty years. Who knows what she’ll do?’

Cambodia, 1970. A US Army platoon sweeps through thick jungle searching for hidden North Vietnamese supplies. What they find instead is a terrifying creature from the darkest pages of ancient mythology.

Present Day. Dr Mel Villiers, a researcher at the UK’s top secret Porton Down research centre, shivers in the pre-dawn darkness by a remote dockside at Southampton, England. She awaits the delivery of a unique specimen from the Plum Island biological research facility in New York State. Only a handful of government scientists and spies even know it exists.

Mel’s former academic mentor, Dr Isabelle March, is accompanying the creature to England. She remembers March only as the arrogant bully who made her life hell at Plum Island, and dreads their first meeting in eight years.

When contact with the ship is lost, an elite SBS unit led by Captain Steve Warren is sent in to investigate. They find an empty container and Isabelle March as the only survivor. She is reluctant to help but Warren learns two alarming facts – the creature is still hiding somewhere aboard the ship. And its escape was no accident.

Mel, Warren and March are sucked into a pulse-pounding race to contain the deadly creature before it escapes captivity for good. If they fail, not just their own lives but the future of humanity itself is at stake.

Incendiary is the relentlessly gripping, suspense-filled fourth novel from Carl Rackman, author of Jonah.

Carl Rackman is a highly-regarded independent author. Incendiary is his fourth novel.

My Review

I read a paperback copy
5/5 stars

An exciting thriller with well-researched detail and believable characters, the fourth novel by Carl Rackman will pique your interest from the first mention of the creature, Horla.
The fast-paced action begins on a transport ship on its way to a research facility in Southampton, England – but what is being transported there and why?

Following the action onboard the ship, the reader is introduced to Dr Melanie Villiers, a research scientist who has been working on the top secret Project Horla for years and something of an ‘underdog’. As we learn about her relationships with the other characters, we find ourselves rooting for Dr Mel against the abrasive people she has to deal with once the terrible creature becomes loose. The plot thickens when we discover that the creature did not escape without help and that it has interesting powers of persuasion.

Aware that the story was taking place in the naval military world, which I know nothing about, I did wonder if I might get lost in some of the terminology and I found myself getting tangled up in all of the different code words and aliases, but the descriptions were clear enough that this was not a problem.

The action sequences were very compelling and well-written and made up for some of the relationships between the main characters which sometimes felt a little contrived.
I would love to see a sequel or two concerning this species. All in all I would (and will) definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a little escapism right now.

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About the Author:

Hi! I’m Carl Rackman, a British former airline pilot turned author. I spent my working life travelling the world and this has given me a keen interest in other people and cultures. I’ve drawn on my many experiences for my writing.

I write suspense thrillers with a grounded science-fiction theme. I like reading novels that feature atmospheric locales and I enjoy complex, absorbing storylines combined with rich, believable characters, so that’s the sort of fiction I write. I try to create immersive worlds for the reader to explore, and characters who are more than just vehicles for the story.

I come from a naval military background and have held a lifelong interest in military history and seafaring – all my books usually contain some of these elements!

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Twitter: @carlrackman


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